About Us

In 2003,  we, Dr. Kishore Singh and Arlini Singh decided to open up Appleby Medical Centre.  At that time, Dr. Singh was working as an emergency room physician and wanted to branch out into an enviroment where he could focus more on preventative medicine and spend more time with patients that in an emergency room setting.

We were looking specifically to creating a comfortable home - like environment in which patients would feel more like family rather than patients. A place which excuded serenity and calmness.  A place where there is no or very little waiting time and a place where patients could receive the highest standard of medical care possible.  

We also wanted to remain small but with big hearts and therefore we kept the practice to one family physician only so that patients do not feel overwhelmed with having to see a different doctor at each visit.  Whilst maintaining good old-fashioned values, we also wanted to embrace technology and therefore right from Day 1, we have been a fully computerized practice.  

We devised a method whereby Dr. Singh could focus entirely on medical care and Arlini, an ex- attorney could focus on the administration and the management.  Having never worked together before and not seeing this formula work in any other medical clinic, we decided to take the plunge.

In July 2004, we opened up our practice and since then patients who came to us as strangers have joined our family. 

Looking back, we are glad that we have taken the plunge of working together.  We have met incredible people and enjoy working with our patients. Each day becomes meaningful as we make a difference to the lives of our patients.

Dr. Kishore Singh (our family physician) and Arlini Singh (our managing director)

321 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON, L7L 2X6     T:  905-632-7775   F: 905-632-3762